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Watching a documentation about travel photography in Madagaskar on telly right now, I'm thinking about how I got here...

I've been travelling on my own for years by now. Copenhagen, Istanbul, Edinburgh, to name those, which I travelled to alone so far. European, not so differnet from what I am used to back home, for reasonable periods.
The original idea to go on a whole year's trip came with my ex boyfriend - well, when he was my boyfriend. After splitting up two years ago and a short period of rearing up (when I thought that I wouldn't need anyone or anything at all to do it), I let go of the thought. Weakend in my self-confidence, I couldn't imagine to cope with all this on my own. It's a huge difference to manage a week off alone in Istanbul compared to a whole year being on the road far from home. What I needed in the end was time.

I made a joke once to spend my 30iest birthday far away from home on Madagaskar, as I see no sense in celebrating that you cross another age border... like being old an grown up from one day to another.
This joke somehow tranformed into something serious, when I started to look up guided tours to Madagaskar. Then other destinations started to tempt me (again). Like Myanmar, which had been on my Top destination list since the first thoughts about travelling the world. New Zealand, or the Galapagos Islands...

When you've got five weeks off work per year and only can take 2-3 weeks at a time, you finally realise that this won't make a satisfying trip, no matter, which destination outside the European borders you pick. You won't have enough time to leave your everyday-life completely and - considering guided tours- will spend a lot of money on being carried around a country on a sightseeingbus to make the maximum out of the trip. Like paying the enterance fee for the zoo, have a walk aroud, shortly gaping at things and move on, going back home afterwards.
Considering a journey, this would surely lead to a bunch full of new contacts with your travelmates, those with which you are stuck in a tin box for some days and can't get out of their way. Those "friends" you can't chose for yourself.
As you can see by those harsh words, that's not what I want and not what I'm travelling for. I want to experience a country, in my own pace, and not only cross the main attractions off a list. Get into natural contact with others, make real friends where possible, nothing constructed, see, taste, feel a surrounding (which is honestly best done, when you go alone!).

So far, Hamburg has been the center of my universe. This is where I was born, my home... my family and friends live here (or whats left of them), I found a great job in a nice pharmacy with awesome colleagues... but somehow...
I'm sure that I'm going to miss my everyday-life soon, but I think it's a good decision to leave all this behind for a while. Things are "allright", but don't change a lot round here, that's why it's called EVERYDAY-life. And when the baseline only swings to negative every once in a while, when you feel somehow misplaced in a surrounding where people get married and start to have children, while your own family plans are not even in sight (and might never come), it's time for some changes.

So my idea on being a year off is to experience new things, push myself out of the comfort zone, meet new people, open my mind to other positive things in life, see different surroundings, see surroundings differently.

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I admire your decision. And I'm sure you'll have an unforgetable time.

by Markus

We had one same travel destination ;)...

Enjoy the trip! I try to read your blog :)

Liebe Grüße

by Muenzi

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